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24 March 2023

Unlocking Web Accessibility - Tips for Developers

Learn about web accessibility tips

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17 October 2022

Create Custom Scrollbar using CSS

How to customize a scrollbar using CSS

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31 August 2020

Comprehensions in Python

Let's learn about comprehensions in Python

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5 June 2020

Python data structures (lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets)

Data strucutures in Python3 for beginners

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15 May 2020

What is a Python docstring?

A brief introduction to Python docstrings

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20 February 2020

My Favorite Chrome Extensions for web development and design

Save time with these Chrome extensions for development and design

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7 February 2020

What Is Tor and Should We Use It?

What is Tor and why do we need it? Is it actually worth using? A beginner's guide to using Tor browser.

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13 October 2018

The beginner's guide to contributing to projects with GitHub Desktop

Learn how to make your first open source contribution.

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